Many individuals have engaged in some form of traditional estate planning – with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc., which is an excellent step toward transferring assets to your heirs. But how confident are you that your current estate plan will put your children or even grandchildren in a position to be successful with their inheritance?

  • Is your current plan reflective of the most current income and estate tax laws?
  • Do you know whether you will be able to live your desired lifestyle going forward and pass wealth to family and charity when and how you wish?

If you aren’t able to answer yes to these questions, chances are you and your family could benefit from legacy planning. A legacy plan is truly less of a plan and more of a process. Creating a legacy plan requires a team of advisors who collaborate to refine and revise the strategies and structures that will benefit your family as your family grows and changes over time. The right process and legacy team will not only ensure your legacy plan evolves with you, but they will propel your evolution forward so that you can achieve your greatest legacy and success.
During this webinar, we will learn more about how legacy planning can work for you and your family and touch on three timely strategies families are using today as part of their legacy planning.

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