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Wayne Breitbarth is a LinkedIn trainer, speaker and consultant, author of “Power Formula for LinkedIn Success”, and certified partner of Patina Nation. Wayne delivered a live webinar on recent LinkedIn changes to make you a better independent consultant.


Exclusive Patina Nation LinkedIn Optimization

  • One-hour screen share discussing strategies, tactics, and profile review
    – Also willing to look at company page*
  • Receive a video recording of screen share session*
  • Post-edit email feedback*
  • Quarterly webinars on LinkedIn changes and Q&A for one year*
*Exclusive to Patina Nation

Only $250

for Patina Nation members

About Wayne

Once a skeptic and now an outspoken proponent of LinkedIn, Wayne Breitbarth is passionate about helping business professionals—from entry level to CEO—learn how to combine their previous experience and relationships with this innovative tool in order to more successfully brand and market themselves and their businesses. Wayne’s diverse professional background uniquely positions him to assist individuals. With 40 years experience in the areas of operations, finance, management, consulting, and business ownership, he is able to “put it all together” for his corporate and individual clients.

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