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"The State of Hirin...
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"The State of Hiring of the 50+ Community in the Post Pandemic Times."

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The State of Hiring of the 50+ Community in the Post Pandemic Times.

LinkedIn post by Marc MillerCareer Pivot | Author of Repurpose Your Career A Practical Guide for the 2nd Half of Life | Forbes Top 100 Career Website | Podcast Host & Producer of the Award Winning Repurpose Your Career Podcast. Direct Link:

Marc's Text from His Post...

We are not out of the woods yet with the delta variant spreading but the economy is on the mend. We hear that there are lots of jobs and not enough applicants but what out the older segment of the workforce.

We had almost double the normal amount of people retire since the beginning of the pandemic. That is 3.8 Million people retired versus the normal trend has been about 2 Million per year.

According to the BLS, unemployment has been slowly ticking up in the 50+ segment of the population.
Unemployment Data for June 2021
National Unemployment Rate 5.9%
Unemployment Rate Age 50-54 4.3%
Unemployment Rate Age 55+ 4.9%
Total Number of Unemployed over age 50 2.5 million
Labor Participation Rate 61.6%

I have been talking with a lot of job club leaders, resume writers, career coaches about what they are seeing in their clientele.

Job clubs have moved entirely online and largely they have lost close touch with their clientele. They have almost universally have seen attendance drop off. Is this because people are going back to work, given up, retired,.... No one really knows. Many will go back to in-person meetings in September but ... will people show up?

The coaches and resume writers do have some success stories to speak of. A lot of contract work which is not surprising. A few have spoken of clientele getting full-time work.

How are these people getting hired? Networking and relationships!!

Several have spoken of the fact that job seekers in this demographic still are not putting their attention on what works, LinkedIn and networking.

There is really no clear picture of what is happening right now. A lot of what I have collected is anecdotal.

We live in strange scary times for the older job seeker.

What are you seeing? What can you add to this discussion?


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