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Results In. Report ...

Results In. Report Available. “International Interim Management Survey 2020 – Pandemic”  

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The Patina community shared their experiences regarding management challenges posed by the pandemic. 550 of us took part in a survey in June and July. Results were combined with those of our colleagues in Globalise. As a result, the insights of nearly 1,900 interim leaders and independent consultants worldwide were consolidated and analyzed. Patina is a founding member of Globalise, a network of partner firms that serve clients around the world.

The detailed global report is available here: We hope you find the opportunity to compare insights with your peers helpful. You are welcome to share this report with your colleagues and clients, as well. If you have thoughts, questions, or ideas, they are encouraged below.

If you would like to see where the Patina Nation community stands, highlights of results from the US-based Patina Nation team are available here:

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