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Poll: Have you need...
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Have you needed to travel by air for a client since March 2020? Poll is created on Sep 11, 2020


Poll: Have you needed to travel by air for a client since March 2020?

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Have you needed to travel by air for a client since March 2020? If you have comments on your experiences, tips for fellow consultants who travel, or expectations of what the future of consultant travel could look like, please comment. We'd love your thoughts.

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William Egger
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Have traveled multiple times in the last two months.  

Airport experience is fine - significantly less crowded, masks required at all times in public spaces and on the flight unless eating or drinking, and most of the travelling public are following the local guidelines.  Limited airport services available - many restaurants are either closed or have severely limited their hours.  Most rental car and parking transportation requires masks while in their lobby areas and on the shuttle bus.

I always approach the client prior to the engagement to understand their preferences for F2F meetings - masks, handshakes, physical spacing, etc.  It's a sign of respect to them and their organization.  Err on the side of caution - a bit like dressing one level above the client you are meeting.

Timothy Anderson
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I have done 5 technical due diligence assessments requiring air travel to San Diego, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Houston, TX (2x), and Mexico City, MX.

I have had 2 technical due diligence cancellations due to unwarranted fear associated with media driven indulgence in Covid-19 "fear porn"    





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