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Free webinar from CONSULTING MAGAZINE: “Your Client, Your Reputation: Protecting Your Company’s Value”

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Consulting Magazine produced this no-fee webinar. You are welcome to view.


About the content:

Your Client, Your Reputation: Protecting Your Company’s Value

Risk is ever-evolving. Today’s firm has far more elements to consider when assessing risk than at any other point in the history of business acceptance. One risk that only fairly recently is getting serious consideration is client risk  the reputational risk of taking on clients with misaligned interests. Never before has consideration of the client’s business model, reputation, history and culture factored as such an integral part of the equation. Not assessing potential conflicts of interest or values in a client can have a long-term impact on your business.

How important is aligning reputation, culture, values and industries? Where are the lines drawn? Is there an industry standard or best practices? Which elements of alignment are most important?


About registration for the replay:

There is no fee, but Consulting Magazine asks that participants register to view the on-demand content. Once registered, participants receive a confirmation email with access instructions. For quick reference, you can find the access instructions below. 


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