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An important five-m...
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An important five-minute global survey

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AN IMPORTANT FIVE-MINUTE GLOBAL SURVEY. You are invited and encouraged to participate in a five-minute survey for independent consultants and interim executives. As a participant, you will be part of a team from around the world commenting on factors regarding the economic implications of the pandemic. It will be a valuable look at the impact now and in the long run for our collective clients, the business community and professional independents like you. Follow this URL to begin; you may need to "copy and paste" it into your web browser:

The survey is open through July 1.

As a participant in the survey, you will get a report with a summary of data and results from around the globe in connection with our colleagues at Globalise. 

You can learn more about Patina's global capabilities and partnership with Globalise at

Thank you for your contributions!


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