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Non-profit board / ...

Have you served a non-profit board? Poll is created on October 17, 2019 11:33 am


Non-profit board / finance pro  

Nicole Anderson
Posts: 2
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Joined: 12 months ago

I serve the 15-seat board of a small 501(c)3 nonprofit organization ($300k budget) that helps  Milwaukee teens develop career skills through the arts. We are seeking volunteers with accounting/finance background that could serve our finance committee and potentially become our next Treasurer. If anyone in the nation may be interested, or can suggest where we might network to find individuals like this, please let me know?

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Dan Zautis
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Forum Admin
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Joined: 2 years ago

Hi, Nicole. Patina has a relationship with Catch A Fire, visit  and

They help non-profits and volunteers connect. Most often for business needs like the one you have.  Catchafire’s mission is "to provide talented individuals with meaningful pro bono experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations." 

Click and then scroll down to find highlights on this page: 

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Kevin Broz
Posts: 1
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Joined: 6 months ago

I am a relatively new board member of a mental health non-profit based in Chicago, but with a national reach - NoStigmas -

NoStigmas is a peer-to-peer community-within-community support network built by and for those whose lives are affected by mental illness and suicide. 

The mission is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and assist in providing peer support mental health communities everywhere.

We also offer training programs for institutions, companies, organizations, etc., large and small, interested in educating their managers as to mental health issues, what to look for and be aware of in order to provide compassionate support for their workforce. Mental illness is a protected class within the ADA so it is important that employers are informed, not just in order to minimize employer liability, but also to show compassion and genuine interest in the health and well being of their teams.



John Gilbert
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Joined: 3 months ago

I have chaired the boards of several statewide organizations and of several more local organizations.  I think that anyone serving on a board needs to educate themselves in nonprofit governance to properly execute their role.  One key aspect of the role is to recognize that the board has a single employee, the executive director/CEO/president, and that the board manages that employee as an entity.  When board members work in a volunteer capacity, they are working for the staff and the executive; they do not have the right or authority to direct how work is accomplished.  A second key aspect is that the board owns the organizational strategy, i.e., it sets the strategic direction with knowledgeable input from the executive and staff and then monitors accomplishment of the strategic objectives.  Boards that lay back and allow the executive to run strategy, operations, recruit board members, etc., are positioning the organization for trouble.  Board members need to educate themselves about the mission and its execution and be vigilant and active in governing the board and its work.  As a consultant, I have had to close down a troubled affordable housing organization and served as receiver for a veterans services organization.  In the first instance, the board failed to recruit its own members, and the executive chose poorly.  In the second instance, the board ceded virtually all authority to the executive, who then stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the organization, severely compromising both its mission delivery and, ultimately, its survival. 


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