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Joseph Aurilia
Joseph Aurilia
Joseph Aurilia
Group: Patina Nation Member
Joined: September 13, 2019
Title: Patina Nation Member

About Me

If you are looking for someone who can provide value and enhance processes, mitigate risk and effect change, then look no further. A versatile executive, I enjoy pulling in pieces from different areas to create a solution that positively impacts the entire organization and encourages overall growth.

I am a forward-looking leader who values a broader perspective of a business so that I can identify opportunities for success and potential for problems. At work, I’m known for always seeking out the means to improve efficiencies, increase quality and allow the professionals on my team to focus on their strengths.

My technical knowledge is extensive and I have a keen ability to quickly learn any new technology or tool and find ways to use it to augment operations and improve ROI.

Having owned and operated multiple businesses in technology, business consulting, and renewable energy, I have experience working across departments to bring unity to the overall organization. While this is a challenge to some, I thrive when given the opportunity to take disparate information and initiatives and bring them together to create organization-wide improvements.

Core Competencies:
Technology Management | Thought Leadership | Process Improvement | Strategic Planning | Salesforce Solutions | Corporate Development | Innovation | Change Management | Cross-Functional Leadership | Enterprise Architecture | Communications | Process Automation



America/New York
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