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Today there are many channels available to reach your target audience and to help find new clients. At Patina Nation, we want to make you the best independent consultant you can be whether you are working for yourself, working for Patina or even working for our competitors. That’s why we’ve created an offering for you to record your own personalized podcast for a modest production fee of $549.

Get a Personalized Podcast

This allows you to tell your story, highlight your specialties and let your personality and skills come through. You might even decide to do a series of podcasts to share more content on a few areas where you can help.

Here are the top three reasons we think a personalized podcast is a great marketing tool for independent executives like you:

It is an inexpensive way for you to help establish yourself as a thought leader.

Podcasts are easy for clients and prospects to access – and our interview format makes for an interesting listening experience.

It is a great and efficient way to expand your business development efforts.

How This Works

Step 1:

Complete a Brief Discovery Call

Our team will get on the phone with you to talk about the content and structure of your podcast. We’ll guide you through possible questions our podcast host will ask you during your interview.

Step 2:

You Draft Your Script

Don’t worry, we’ll look it over and suggest changes. Podcasts are typically 15 to 20 minutes in length. It goes faster than you would think!

Step 3:

Record Your Podcast

Our experienced podcast host will interview you over the phone/internet. You’ll have a chance to re-record a section if you didn’t like the way it turned out. Every podcast purchase comes with one round of editing.

Step 4:

Market Your Podcast

We will send you a link to your podcast and our Personalized Podcast Media Kit. You can use any or all of the pointers we give you in our media kit to better market yourself and your services.

Get a Personalized Podcast

The Expert Nation

Your podcast will be posted on the Expert Nation website. The Expert Nation will be an external facing marketing tool, promoting independent consultants available for projects or engagements. This platform by Patina will be fully developed in 2019. In the meantime – we will post your podcast at

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