Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Patina Nation?

The Patina Nation team wants to help you be the best independent executive you can be, whether you’re working for yourself, working for Patina, or even working for our competitors. As a Nation member you could benefit from learning and development opportunities; earning opportunities; project engagements; benefits for independent consultants; business support services; Patina lifestyle offerings; and marketing tools and resources.

How many engagements will I be offered once I join Patina Nation?

The needs of Patina’s clients dictate the amount and type of work that we can offer Patina Nation members. Once you complete and submit our registration form, your information is available to our team for consideration on engagements in all our markets. If a client need matches your expertise, we will contact you for more information.

Since the market drives our need for particular skill sets at any given time, you may or may not be contacted for engagement opportunities. Please note that we will always have more people interested in working on projects than we can engage at any one time.

Patina is growing rapidly. With our skilled business development team, we expect to continue increasing opportunities for projects and interim roles. We offer high-quality and professionally-fulfilling engagements.

How do I update my Patina Nation profile?

You’re encouraged to update your profile annually or more frequently. You will want to add accomplishments and new skills when appropriate. This helps our team find you when they match our professionals and clients for engagements. Click here for a tip sheet, or when at, click on “Update Your Profile” in the upper right-hand corner. To log on, use the same username and password you created when you joined Patina Nation.

What types of communications can I expect from Patina?

As part of our Patina Nation, some of the ways in which we may be in contact with you include:

Talent Bulletins: Sent when a client request is outside our normal engagement scope and we have not been able to find a professional in Patina Nation, you might be able to help by recommending a professional. We offer you a referral fee in this process.

Email updates from Patina: Keep you up-to-date on what is happening at Patina, as well as offerings, resources, and services that may be of interest.

We suggest remaining a member of the Patina Nation even if you decide to take a full-time role, since there are several ways to earn compensation and benefit from membership.

Whom do I contact with my questions, concerns, and suggestions?

Please visit the “Contact Us” section of the Patina Nation website.

Do I have to be exclusive with Patina?

We do not ask that you be exclusive with Patina. We realize that you may have other employment opportunities that you wish to pursue. As your employment status changes, we ask you keep your Patina profile up to date.

How much will I be paid when I work for Patina?

The pay rate we offer professionals is based on the complexity and expected duration of the engagement. This varies by engagement.

Is there a fee to join the Patina Nation?

At this time, there is no cost to join the Patina Nation or to be considered for engagements.

What happens if I decline an engagement?

Patina offers flexibility. If you choose to decline an engagement for any reason, that is completely fine with us and you will continue to be considered for others in the future.

Does Patina have a referral program?

Yes, we appreciate referrals from the professionals in the Patina Nation. To learn more, visit the “Earning Opportunities” pages at

What if I decide to take a salaried job with another employer during a Patina engagement?

When we present an opportunity to you, we will discuss the expected duration of the engagement. We expect you to be willing and able to complete the engagement when you accept it so that the Patina client is best served. If you cannot complete the Patina engagement, we do expect enough notice from you to allow us to find another solution and to make a smooth transition with the client.

Are there salaried opportunities at Patina?

Most of the professionals serving on client engagements are paid as hourly employees in alignment with IRS W2 forms and processes. However, long-term projects may offer salaried opportunities.

We do have limited salaried Patina Solutions corporate staff roles in business development, talent sourcing, industry knowledge and office general management.

How Do I Get Paid When I Work for Patina?

Most of the professionals serving on client engagements for Patina are paid every two weeks as hourly W2 employees of Patina, in alignment with IRS requirements. For certain engagements, which are expected to be long-term, Patina may offer you a salary including benefits. We always prefer you to be an employee of Patina to minimize employment classification risks to our clients and to lower risks to you.

Can Patina Help Me Get a Full-time Job?

Patina does work with companies looking to hire professionals full-time. We call this a direct hire engagement (others often refer to this as executive or management search). Many times Patina professionals start working on a client engagement or project and then the client decides to make them an offer to join their company as an employee. Patina Solutions will work with you and the client to start and manage these conversations where appropriate.